4 Reasons To End a Friendship

4 Reasons To End a Friendship

4 Reasons To End a Friendship

We all know what makes a good friend and how valuable they can be. Some people, however, are not meant to be our friends. As a result, knowing when to call it quits on a friendship is crucial.

That said, we have pointed out four major reasons to end a friendship.


Not every ‘friend’ has good intentions towards you, some are just there to use and if you have these kinds of friends, you should definitely stop hanging out with them. Indeed, loaning little cash every now and then and doing a couple of favours when you can is part of the whole concept but when you are the only one doing these favours, you have to question what you can gain from the other person. Friends who make themselves available are the ones that are worthy of receiving favours from you. The friends you only see when they need you are the ones you need to get rid of.

One sided

It becomes tiring at some point if you are the only one that calls to hang out. If this is the case with any of your friends, you ought to start asking if the friendship is one-sided. Certainly, you can confirm by restraining from calling the friend for several days and see if he/she will give you a call.

It’s not fun anymore

Frat jokes can’t still be funny after a wife, three kids and a job. Some people never really evolve and promote their status socially. You can’t always do the same thing you did as a teenager therefore, if you have grown over the years, get rid of any friends that wish to take you back to your childish behaviour.

Little contact

Life sometimes has its way of separating two close friends. However, at the point of reconnection, it seems like no time has passed because you easily pick up where you left off. Nonetheless, there are friends that we do not have this kind of bond with and yet they still call a couple of times a year even though both of you have no idea why. Be straightforward; end the friendship so there are no more pointless calls and awkward discussions in the future