5 Dating Mistakes Single Moms Should Avoid

5 dating mistakes single moms should avoid

5 huge dating mistakes single moms should avoid

Being a single mom is hard enough. Trying to get back into the dating scene while balancing all your responsibilities can be even harder.

There are common mistakes many single moms make with dating. Knowing them beforehand will prepare you to date successfully.

Here’s a list of them below:

Introducing your kids too soon

Children grow attached quickly to people and are emotionally shattered when those people suddenly disappear because a relationship didn’t work out. Let him know you’re a mom and get to know him very well, but make sure it’s serious before you introduce your kid(s) to him. When you do, watch how he interacts with them.

Talking bad about your ex

Talking bad about your ex makes it seem like you are not over your ex and this will only scare the guy away. Bitterness is not attractive. Even if the relationship ended on a bad note, you both have a child together. Don’t say bad things about him. If you can’t, avoid talking about him.

Forcing him on your little ones

You just can’t control how they will react to the fact that you are dating again and when you finally introduce them to him. You should not feel upset or hurt if your child is disinterested in the new guy. Give your kid(s) time to adapt and give them space. Don’t force it on them.

Waiting too long to date again

Once you have taken time to recover from the last relationship or marriage, decide if you want to try love again. If you do, start dating. This is mostly because getting back into the dating world is easier when you haven’t been alone for too long and it can be difficult to start dating again when you are single for a long time. Furthermore, waiting for too long to date again makes it even more difficult to be open to sharing your life with someone new.

Becoming sexually intimate too soon

The act of sex will bond both of you emotionally and this will make it difficult to leave the relationship if it’s not a match. You should not get intimate with him till you are sure you are ready for it.

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