5 reasons why HIV/AIDS rate is high in South Africa

5 reasons why HIV/AIDS rate is high in South Africa

5 reasons why HIV/AIDS rate is high in South Africa. Over 7 million individuals in South Africa are living with HIV/AIDS, which is a very high prevalence rate.

However, because the government pays for their care, the bulk of them lead healthy lives.

AIDS – is a collection of diseases that is acquired from HIV once the immune system is no longer able to protect the body from illnesses.

5 reasons why HIV/AIDS rate is high in South Africa.

What causes HIV/AIDS infection rates to be so high in South Africa?

1 – Attitude 

There are many individuals who are HIV-positive and don’t give a damn if they spread the disease to others. They avoid using protection while sleeping around because they want other people to contract HIV as well. That is a selfish mindset that contributes significantly to the virus’s rapid spread across the nation.

2 – Not knowing your status

Some people “compromise” just three or four times in the outset of the relationship. They cease using condoms after that because they believe they know and trust each other without knowing whether they are HIV-positive.

3 – STIs

Some people have sexual transmitted infections, and they don’t get treatment for it. And, the longer its stays in our body, the high are the probabilities of a possible HIV/AIDS infection.

4 – Mother to child infection 

When they learn they have HIV, some women choose not to get treated in order to keep their kids safe. sas. t……….!!. Thus, causing the child to inherit the mother’s infection as they develop.

What can we do to prevent HIV/AIDS spread in South Africa?

Using protection 

Using protection, and I don’t mean when you feel like using it, but, every time. In this way, you make sure that you stay protected for as long as you don’t know the status of your partner. By taking this approach, you make sure that you positively impact the fight against the HIV/aids epidemic spread in South Africa.

Knowing your HIV status 

To know your HIV status is very important. Because, the sooner you realize that you are infected, the sooner you can act against it. By starting the treatment on time, you increase the chances of continuing to have a normal life while taking the medications.

How does HIV/AIDS affect our society? 

It affects our society in a negative way, by destroying families, separating couples and leaving some children as orphans. Hence, making it difficult for some children to grow in family friendly environments and contributing to a high rate of suicide.

Treatment for HIV/AIDS

AIDS and HIV are incurable diseases. When you learn that you have HIV/AIDS, visit the clinic or hospital that is closest to you to begin receiving therapy.

Since HIV is not fatal, the sooner you begin treatment, the longer you will survive.


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