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5 Things To Leave At Home on First Date

5 Things To Leave At Home on First Date

First date can come with so many things to worry about, don’t they? From the way that you look to whether you’re going to be late to that way that you tend to laugh that embarrasses you (but is definitely really cute), to any number of things that might be on your mind, you have a lot to deal with before you leave the house.

The truth is that while dates are breeding grounds for worries and fears and lots of different emotions, you can conquer the first date and be successful. Your goal is to find love, not to worry and miss out on a great guy, so it’s time to figure out how to have the best dates that you can.

Read on to find out 5 things you should not worry about on a first date.

1.) What your makeup and hair and outfit look like

Of course, you want to look good when you go on a date. There’s nothing wrong with that. Everyone wants to and your date is going to want to look good for you as well.

At the same time, though, you don’t need to worry about what your makeup, hair, and outfit look like on a date. Yes, pick out an outfit that makes you feel good, and yes, do your hair and wear your favorite lipstick (yup, the one that you always get tons of compliments on). But don’t go overboard overthinking this.


If you and this guy get along and want to see each other again, that definitely means that he finds you attractive, but your looks aren’t the only thing that he finds interesting about you. He’ll also be attracted to who you are inside and love your personality. He won’t care that you wore a black dress when you had been debating a red one for half an hour.

2.) How many times you check your phone
Yes, it’s part of conventional dating advice: don’t look at your phone. Don’t text your best friend or look at social media or Google something. Don’t check your work or personal email and, by the way, don’t even have your phone on the table. Leave it in your purse where it belongs and focus on your date.

Yeah, that’s good advice… but at the same time, we’re all human, right?

If you go on a date and happen to check your phone because someone texted you and you accidentally looked to see who it was, that’s okay. It really is. These things happen and you can shrug it off with a laugh and say something like, “Yup, I’m addicted to this phone…” You might also be checking your phone when your date goes to the bathroom and he’ll see you looking at it when it comes back. That’s totally fine, too.

Chances are, if your date is a good person who you can see yourself with long-term, he’ll laugh along with you and say that he’s just as attached to his phone. Plus, it takes the pressure off if his mom emails him and he has to answer super quickly, or if he happens to check social media without even realizing it because it’s just habit at this point.

3.) Whether you talk for the majority of the evening

There are so many rules about who should say what on a first date and who should talk for how long. It can honestly make your head spin… and you already have enough to think about, like whether you can see yourself going on a second date with this guy (that’s a pretty big thing to think about so, yeah, that’s enough).

Do you need to worry about whether you talk for the majority of the evening? No, you definitely don’t. This is just one of the things that you don’t need to worry about on dates. Why? Because you’re a fascinating person and you deserve to talk about what you’re interested in and what you’re doing with your life and anything else that you want.

Okay, so don’t talk the entire evening and refuse to let your date say anything at all. That’s not the best way to go here. But if you happen to get super excited and animated about a topic that you’re talking about and ten minutes have gone by and you’ve been telling all these hilarious and cool stories, that’s honestly fine.

If you and your date are meant to be together, he’ll be interested in what you’re saying. He’ll like getting to know you and he’ll want to hear your thoughts and feelings.

4.) What you eat or don’t eat
Sometimes it can be confusing to know what your date expects of the evening in terms of food and drink. If you say that you’re meeting for an after work drink and you meet at 6 or 7 p.m., do you get dinner as well? Is he going to eat? Is he going to feel weird if you eat before and he’s left ordering something on his own?

You can definitely stop worrying about these things. This is just another thing that you don’t have to worry about on a date. Why? Because guys really don’t care if you eat or don’t eat on a date. If you ate dinner before or want to wait until you get home, it’s totally fine to say that you’ll just get a drink.

There’s no reason to overthink this because he honestly won’t give mind either way. And if you want to eat that cheeseburger and fries, there’s no reason not to order that. The right guy will love that you love food.

5.) If he’ll think you’re too eager if you say you want a second date
Oh, the end of the evening: it can seriously make or break a potential new relationship.

Do you tell this guy that you want to go on a second date or are you afraid that he’ll think that you sound way too eager? You don’t need to worry about whether your date thinks this about you.

You want to see him again, right? So why don’t you tell him?

If he’s feeling the same way, he’s going to really appreciate that you took the pressure off him and told him the truth. He’ll say that, of course, he wants to see you again and before you know it, you two will have a plan for another date. You’ll be relieved and you’ll also be glad that you said something.

When you’re about to go on a date, you have so many things racing through your mind and are probably very nervous. Instead of worrying about everything that could go wrong, why not think about how much fun you could have? Instead of feeling apprehensive about the upcoming evening, why not retrain yourself to look forward to it?

If you want to stop worrying so much on dates, then remember these 5 things that you don’t have to worry about on dates, and things should go much more smoothly. Once you find your soulmate, you’ll be so glad that you stopped worrying and started having more fun.

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