7 Facts about Manny and Mayweather

1. Pacquiao eats five meals a day and consumes around 8000 calories daily to keep his weight and energy up. He makes sure that he has steamed white rice and chicken or beef broth in one of his meals.
2. Ramen is one of Mayweather’s favourite meals, while Twizzlers are one of his go-to snacksand. He has his hot dogs with BBQ sauce.
3. Mayweather averages over 1000 sit-ups a day during his training. On the other hand, Pacquiao averages over 2,500 sit-ups daily during his training.
4. Whenever Mayweather goes out to eat, he always orders a glass of hot water to let his cutlery soak in the glass before he starts eating with them.
5. Pacquiao drinks only hot or room-temperature water. He thinks cold water is not good for health.
6. Mayweather brushes his teeth for at least 10 minutes every morning. That is one of the reasons for his nice smile.
7. At every morning run, Pacquiao is usually followed by at least 500 fans in Los Angeles.

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