7 things men expect during first time sex

7 things men expect during first time Sex

7 things men expect during first time Sex

For those who are embarking on a sexy, new relationship and eager to make a good first impression, here’s what men say they expect.

1. Don’t stress about your body

Hiding under the covers, insisting the lights are turned out, etc., are huge turn-offs. Even if you don’t have the best shape imaginable, you’re having sex with the man! Unless it’s a one-night-stand, at some point he’s going to have to see you naked. Get it over and done with: let him see everything first time around and you’ll both feel better.

2. Don’t stress about his performance

First time sex can be intense and erotic, but it’s also highly charged with expectations. Both of you are nervous and eager for it to go well. Be calm.

3. Mind your reactions

Two things are on the cards if he’s nervous of performing — a lack of erection or premature ejaculation. How you react to either predicts how good sex will be for the two of you in the future. Treat it light-heartedly, don’t make a big deal and let him know it’s normal and you understand, and you’re set for open, honest, communicative sex. Over-react, take it personally or make him feel bad about it and he’ll be even more apprehensive next time around, with disastrous results.

4. Let him know you’re enjoying it

He knows women fake it and it’s not that easy to get everything right. So, let him know that you are enjoying it, if really you are! However, don’t patronise him by pretending you like everything he does (unless you do!); but do let him know when he’s doing something particularly well. A moan or ‘ummmm’ will do.

5. Save the post-sex emotional fallout for your friends

If he really likes you, he will be in contact within a day or so to organise your next date.

6. Give unforgettable oral sex

It’s not only one of his favourite things, it shows you’re as interested in giving as you are receiving pleasure.

7. Be active

Don’t leave it up to him to make all the moves.

The bottom line: The more relaxed you are about the whole thing, the more smitten he’ll be. Be affectionate and shoot a few meaningful looks so he knows it meant something (if indeed it did).

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