8 strange reasons why people divorce

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8 strange reasons why people divorce

strange reasons why people divorce
strange reasons why people divorce

Divorce is far from rare in today’s world, and most of the time, we hear the same reasons over and over again. Infidelity is a major factor, as are “irreconcilable issues,” which presumably means “we no longer get along.” Aside from the obvious reasons, there are a slew of other reasons for couples to split up, some of which are rather bizarre. These are only a few examples.

Just too ugly

Jian Feng is a man in China who not only divorced his wife, he also took her to court and sued her for being ugly! Shockingly, he won a $120,000 judgment! When he married his lovely wife some years earlier, he was unaware that her beauty had been enhanced through plastic surgery. When they welcomed their first child into the world, Feng was stunned. He reported that his new baby daughter was so ugly that he was horrified. He then learned about the $100,000 plastic surgery job his wife had arranged before he had met her. The basis of his lawsuit was that he married his wife under false pretenses.

You are dead

The Japanese certainly seem to love their technology although they may take some of it just a little too seriously. A couple who enjoyed playing computer games were torn apart when the wife decided to murder her husband. This sounds like a serious crime, but in reality, the wife only offed her husband’s computer game character by using some Illegal software to hack into his gaming account. As any mature adult would undoubtedly do, he contacted the police to report his wife’s crime. Oddly enough, it turns out that in Japan, her actions actually do constitute a crime, and she may face five years in prison or a $5,000 fine!

A long time coming

In a case of one of the oldest couples ever to split up, 90-year-old Antonio divorced his wife of 77 years. Apparently, his 96-year-old wife Rosa had been keeping a secret – for a very long time. One can only wonder how this came to light after so many years, but it was enough to send Antonio packing. He somehow found out that Rosa had cheated on him. Surely a valid reason to divorce her, even if the affair happened during the 1940’s! At least that’s how Antonio sees it, and who are we to second-guess the guy? Maybe there’s a market out there for a 90+ dating website after all.

War of the nerds

This one gets a little tricky, so pay attention. Amy Taylor and David Pollard both enjoyed living life in the online world, perhaps even more so than their real-world life. The couple reportedly enjoyed playing popular online games like Second Life and World of Warcraft. David, whose online alter ego “Barmy” had a virtual fling with a virtual prostitute and was forgiven by Amy whose alter ego “Laure Skye” evidently had a forgiving virtual nature. Barmy, however, seemed to lose patience with Laura when Amy became too involved in playing World of Warcraft to show up for the virtual date he had planned with Laura. After what may have once been a happy marriage, the couple is now divorced both in this world and the virtual one as well.

Beauty secrets

A man in Saudi Arabia had been married for 30 years and had never once cast his eyes upon his bride’s face. Adhering to strict religious guidelines, the woman was never seen by anyone without having her face covered by a traditional head covering. One night while his wife we sleeping, the husband’s curiosity finally overwhelmed him and he decided to take a peek under the veil to see his wife’s face. His wife was awakened immediately and was furious with her husband. So furious, in fact, she demanded a divorce.

Mr. Clean

A woman in Germany put an end to her 15 years of marriage after she decided she could no longer put up with her husband’s obsessive cleanliness. The man reportedly spent much of his time at home cleaning things and rearranging the furniture. He finally pushed her over the edge when he knocked down an interior wall in their home and rebuilt it because it was dirty.

This marriage stinks

Let this be a lesson to those who decide to jump into marriage too quickly. Twenty-three-year-old Yara Saad Al-Din and 31-year-old Aysar Ali decided to marry just two weeks after they met on an airplane returning to Egypt. After just two months, she began to notice that something didn’t smell quite right. Unfortunately, the source of the unpleasant odor was her new husband. When she confronted him about it, he claimed he was unable to bathe due to a skin disease and on top of that, he was allergic to water. The skin disease story turned out to be true, but the water allergy turned out to be a lie. After he refused to grant her a divorce, she was able to obtain a khol’a which is an agreement under Islamic law that grants a woman a divorce if she is willing to surrender some of her financial rights.

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