8 things banned at FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

8 things banned at FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022
8 things banned at FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

8 things banned at FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

Football enthusiasts are beaming with happiness and delight as the FIFA World Cup is still going on.

Even while the stadiums are packed with spectators from over the world for this year’s world cup, not everyone can watch the game there; instead, they must resign themselves to viewing it on their laptop, TV, or even their phones.

A world cup match at one of the stadiums in Qatar can be an exciting experience to watch from the stands, but all spectators are required to abide by specific laws.

During the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar, a number of items have actually been prohibited. Let’s look at it!

1. Alcohol is restricted

Alcohol Alcohol could be difficult to find in Qatar. Alcohol sales are in fact heavily restricted. Budweiser, the World Cup’s sponsor, reportedly received a request from Qatar to keep the stands and stalls less noticeable, but 48 hours before the tournament started, supporters were shocked to learn that they would not be able to purchase beer at any World Cup football match.

2. No food inside the stadium

Food is not permitted inside the stadium for hygienic and maintenance reasons. Only baby food and food required for medical reasons will be permitted, after proper inspection.

3. No removing shirts

During the game, it is reportedly forbidden for spectators to “remove pieces of clothes or otherwise remain in a state of undress.” Additionally, they shouldn’t show private portions. All of these were mentioned in a warning that was given to ticket holders.

4. A big no to revealing clothes

Fans from all across the world have been asked to refrain from dressing in anything too revealing. Everyone has been told to cover their knees and shoulders.

5. No balloons or any inflatable balls

When teams play in stadiums, balloons and inflatable balls are quite the sight, but this time around, none will be seen because they are forbidden from the FIFA World Cup.

6. No paper rolls

A significant amount of paper rolls will also not be allowed inside the stadium.

7. No usage of musical instruments

The stadium has a prohibition on loud noise-making equipment and instruments. These include musical instruments such as trumpets, loudspeakers, whistles, and vuvuzelas. Additionally prohibited are musical instruments that are difficult to fit through the X-ray baggage scanners.

8. No large bags

It is suggested that spectators bring compact luggage that can fit under their seats. No large baggage are permitted inside the stadium.

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