Actress Nolo Seabi on why she had her b00bs shrunk

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Actress Nolo Seabi on why she had her b00bs shrunk

Actress Nolo Seabi on why she had her b00bs shrunk
Actress Nolo Seabi on why she had her b00bs shrunk


After  struggling with her breasts her whole life,Nolo decided she was gatvol.The 27-year-old, who plays Seipati on’s Scandal!, had breast reduction surgery in the middle of this month.

Speaking to Daily Sun, Nolo said: “I underwent this surgery because I come from a family that has huge breasts and although it doesn’t affect everyone, it affected me.

“I would find it difficult to buy certain clothing, exercising and breathing was getting difficult and it was affecting my day-to-day activities.

“I honestly had to do this as they were very large for my frame. I had to relieve myself of the pain I was experiencing.”

Nolo revealed that she had wanted to get the surgery for a long time.



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“If I remember correctly, I went for my first consultation when I was 16, but I was told I was a bit too young and I should wait because

I might change my mind,” she said.

Nolo said the surgery took two hours and she was very happy with the results.

“I would recommend this to others who are in the same position as me, where it impacts your health. It is also a big confidence booster.”

Nolo said the procedure cost her R80 000 and she did it at Marang Aesthetics. “That covered everything from the consultations and medication to aftercare. All I can say was that it was worth it.”

Nolo said she was not currently shooting for Scandal!, but she had something big on the way.

“It’s slightly different from what people have known me as, which I’m happy about because it means growth for me.

“Right now, I cannot share further because I will get into trouble,” she said.

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