Actress Stephanie pens sweet love letter to hubby, Hungani Ndlovu

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Actress Stephanie pens sweet love letter to hubby, Hungani Ndlovu

Actress Stephanie pens sweet love letter to hubby, Hungani Ndlovu
Actress Stephanie pens sweet love letter to hubby, Hungani Ndlovu

Actress Stephanie “Miss Sandows” Ndlovu has penned down an appreciation message to her husband, Hungani Ndlovu.

Hungani (27) is best known for his role on soapie Scandal! as Romeo Medupi while his wife played the role of Ingrid on the same show.

The lovebirds, who got married in 2019, have been together for six years.

They have a YouTube channel, titled The Ndlovu Uncut, where they talked about their love life, marriage as well as their work in the film and television industry. They also hosted workshops in and around Joburg theatres, sharing their experiences and teaching young people who were interested in joining the industry in the future.

The 31-year-old posted on Instagram: “Aside from ageing (ever so lightly) over the past six years or so, I have definitely grown more in love with this guy than I ever thought possible.”

The former kiddies shows presenter shared that when life hit them from every direction, they always loved each other more.

“It is in those moments that love grows so much deeper,” she wrote.



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The lovely couples took to their YouTube channel recently The Ndlovu’s Uncut to look at the legal aspects of divorce and how it would look like for them in the hope viewers would gain knowledge.

The pair decided to have this conversation on their channel because Stephanie had a chat with her friend Petronella about what would happen if they were to separate.

“We’re married in a prenuptial agreement with accrual which means whatever we basically come into our marriage with is ours separately and whatever we build within the marriage, technically whatever we acquire within the marriage, is ours together, Steph had a property t before we got married. That is her property should we separate,” said Hungani.

They own a production company, their YouTube channel, and house together.

“If the divorce or separation takes place in a more toxic environment, I would imagine, (I’m saying this based on assumptions of those who gone through a divorce and it was toxic), that’s where your legal boundaries would apply quite significantly,” said Stephanie.

The couple have been very candid about marriage on their channel. In another episode Stephanie said though she didn’t have any illusions about marriage when she tied the knot, she didn’t expect it to be a lot of work.

“I honestly didn’t expect marriage to be so much work. Being married is a lot of work. I’m not gonna lie to you and maybe for those who are watching and are married [are] like ‘you only start to put in the work like 5 and 10 years’. No, this marriage was work from the moment we said ‘I do’. It’s been a lot of work and I didn’t expect it, I thought certain things would come naturally.”

In an interview with TshisaLIVE, Hungani spoke about their dreams as a couple in the arts industry.

“We want to impact the industry in a positive way and that comes in many shapes and forms. We find ourselves in a position where we have a YouTube channel that is successful, and we also have a big support structure from our subscribers and the people who follow us on social media.”

“Us having a voice is definitely something we are conscious about and the impact of that voice is something we want to control. It is important for us to work on projects in a strategic manner so when things happen, people are able to see the progress, but also the consistency of what we are about. We are about faith, family and building an empire so when you see the previous things we’ve worked on they are in some way, shape or form linked to one anther in terms of our morals and values,” he said.


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