AKA asks Elon Musk for help

AKA asks Elon Musk for help

AKA asks Elon Musk for help. AKA challenges Elon Musk to assist with South Africa’s load shedding issue.

The wealthy businessman has received numerous rebukes from South Africans, who saw him as a brother and fellow countryman given that he was born there.

The worn-out rapper included Elon in a few tweets that were posted after Eskom instituted stage 6 load shedding because he was aware of his considerable influence and wealth.

“Excuse me sir … @elonmusk … I cannot for the life of me understand why the government hasn’t approached you to come help us out with this electricity crisis but is there any chance you could perhaps do us a solid, you know, with you being born here and all,” the rapper tweeted.

AKA sent out another tweet in which he pleaded with the businessman to address the issue in his nation.

“I know you have a solution for load shedding … do it for your country,” Supa Mega wrote.

Meanwhile, the rapper plans to get an alternative to Eskom.

“Surely it’s time to consider an alternative to Eskom in terms of providing power to our country. When you’re the only choice, what incentive is there to deliver? As a monopoly, there are no consequences for poor performance.”

South Africans have since went crazy on the comments claiming Elon won’t even see the tweet. Others think he even regret saying where he was born.

Here are some of the comments;

“He won’t even recognize ur tweet just like de way u won’t recognize mine

I mean to him u are like me to you”

“That guy only cares about flying cars or some impractical sh**t like that”

“Wena I have uphapha you have no content whatsoever, there’s nothing to be fixed la this is political so nje hlala phansi🚮🚮”

“You sound like that fan who cried a lake of tears when he saw you in person for the 1st time.”

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