AKA’s younger brother slams Nota Baloyi’s lies

AKA’s younger brother slams Nota Baloyi’s lies

AKA’s younger brother slams Nota Baloyi’s lies. This week, when Anwar “Dogg” Khan, AKA’s former personal security when he was in KwaZulu-Natal, conducted an interview on e.TV, the demand for justice in the Kiernan “AKA” Forbes case attracted additional attention. At the same time, Dogg appeared to bolster claims that the group of people who were with him in Durban were involved in his murder.

While AKA’s family and associates once more appeared to deny the accusations, some people used Dogg’s testimony to support their own suspicions. Specifically, Nhlamulo Nota Baloyi, a contentious showbiz commentator and frequent podcast participant.

For making false accusations against Siya Mdluli, the road manager for AKA who also happens to be K.O’s sibling, Nota has previously faced legal action.

This time, Hip-Hop legend K.O. initially sued Nota in court for allegedly conspiring to murder recently assassinated rapper Kiernan “AKA” Forbes with the help of his sibling and close friend. Instead of accepting responsibility for his actions, Nota chose to keep making accusations, this time naming K.O., which is typical of a narcissist.

Nota Baloyi

On Thursday, K.O posted a cryptic message on Twitter about someone using his identity to commit fraud and having to deal with the full force of the law. At the time, it wasn’t obvious to whom the tweet was addressed due to his most recent “beef” with Lady Du.

However, Nota made things seem simpler to figure out by accusing K.O xpl!citly on his own social media of being involved in the murder of AKA.

AKA’s younger brother slams Nota Baloyi’s lies

Steffan Forbes is another individual who appears to have had enough of Nota’s lies and attempts to use AKA’s passing to trend on social media in order to increase engagement on his tweets.

Finally, Steffan Forbes confronts Nota directly.

AKA’s younger brother slams Nota Baloyi’s lies

The young sibling of AKA and the final child Tony and Lynn Forbes had together before divorcing is Steffan Forbes. Steffan has probably said the least about the ongoing conspiracy theories on his social media platforms during the events that have occurred since the death of AKA.

Steffan, like many others in AKA’s personal camp, appears to have grown tired of Nota using AKA’s brand to gain popularity. This came after he published a mysterious tweet in which he implied that Dogg was a snake because of the contentious interview he gave.

Then Nota claimed that Steffan was against obtaining justice for his sibling in the Instagram story. This appears to indicate that Steffan and the Forbes family would prefer to shield Siya and AKA’s team from the reality than confront it.

Then, Steffan used his Instagram stories to demonstrate that Nota is a liar and doesn’t know anything. This was before he made it plain that this would be his first and final public discussion of the Nota situation.

This is because, despite once being pals with Nota, AKA had already stated as much before he passed away. AKA chose to break off contact with Nota after he used his anguish over the loss of Nellie to garner media attention.

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