Amapiao star Kabza De Small turns to Maskandi

Amapiao star Kabza De Small turns to Maskandi

Amapiao star Kabza De Small turns to Maskandi
Amapiao star Kabza De Small turns to Maskandi

AmaPiano producer, DJ Kabza De Small is crossing over to maskandi land.

The proof is there for all to see as Kabza boasts his authentic maskandi look.

Since he made the announcement over a week ago, maskandi fans have already started suggesting names that would best suit his maskandi image.

Names like Ikabza elincane, IKabza elihle, IKabza Elisha, AmaKabza amahle seem to be gaining popularity.

“Maskandi fans, please welcome Kabza de Small,” posted maskandi star, Mthandeni “Igcokama elisha” Manqele. “He is one of my fans and I am his teacher.”

Maskandi artist Mnikezwa “Smakwana SikaShafuza” Ngubane commented: “I like his cultural bracelet”.

Kabza de Small told Daily Sun he is deeply cultural and has a strong connection with maskandi music.

“I’m known for amapiano music but deep down I am Ibhinca. Whenever I get a chance I listen to maskandi. I will not name the artists I listen to for the sake of the peace, but I have my favourites,” he said.

“For me being Ibhinca means everything and anything that talks to respecting culture, it means ubuntu and showing compassion to one another.”

He said as a way of showing his loyalty to maskandi he bought Brentwood pants and Carvela shoes.

“I believe music is a universal language and I decided to follow my heart. This idea of doing maskandi music has been in my mind for some time. I’ve always known that sooner or later I have to do it,” he said.

“I own more than 15 pairs of Brentwood pants and I own more than 10 pairs of Carvela shoes. I am doing this for myself, my brand and for anyone who believes in our cultural music.”

He said he has always wanted to do maskandi music but he didn’t want to rush or confuse his fans.

“Now I feel it’s the right thing to do. My fans know and understand my music,” he said. “This does not mean I’ll stop doing amapiano but I’ll be exploring other genres. For now I feel comfortable in maskandi and I’m enjoying it.” He is currently working on a mix album which will be released in May.

“I’m making a full album of about 12 songs. This is a mix album and so far there are three maskandi songs. I have not titled the album as yet but the work is almost done,” he said.

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