Andile Ncube’s tweet about Liesl Mthombeni raises eyebrows

Andile Ncube's tweet about Liesl Mthombeni raises eyebrows

Andile Ncube’s tweet about Liesl Mthombeni raises eyebrows. Andile Ncube, a media celebrity, is criticized for what Twitter users perceive to be a backhanded compliment to his buddy Dr. Musa Mthombeni. As a result of Ncube’s tweet criticizing Dr. Musa’s wife Liesl Mthombeni, Twitter users have banded together to breathe fire down Ncube’s neck.

Evidently close friends, Andile Ncube and Dr. Musa Mthombeni frequently engage awkwardly on social media, which occasionally misleads their fans and other online users. What has become clear, though, is that Liesl Mthombeni is frequently the subject of Ncube’s jokes with Dr. Musa.

Andile Ncube’s tweet about Liesl Mthombeni raises eyebrows

Ncube’s most recent tweet was just like all of his other banter tweets in which he usually brings up Dr. Musa’s wife as a topic of conversation. Unknowingly, Ncube has put himself in trouble after bringing up Liesl Mthombeni’s name in a tweet to his buddy Dr. Musa.

“Since we are looking into Doctors right now someone please put a microscope on that Musa guy, khona okushaya amanzi lapha. How the hell did he get that girl ?!?” wrote Andile Ncube

Many Twitter users did not find Ncube’s frequent banter tweets, which always center on Liesl Mthombeni, amusing. Tweeps did not mince words when informing Ncube of the time in their number. They continued by referring to him as an awkward and envious friend who wanted what Dr. Musa had in regards to Liesl Mthombeni.

“Andile Ncube and his “banter” with Dr Musa is always one sided and always about questioning how he got his wife. I know they’re friends I promise angikho strict, it’s just getting weird” wrote Kim Khandashisa

“Its a joke between friends right, but why are your jokes always about your disbelief that Musa is married to Liesl? It’s like… Mhmmmm….” wrote Ms Rebrand

Even the contentious Nota Baloyi resorted to social media to criticize Andile Ncube after his obviously embarrassing remark that caused a few Twitter users to lose their cool.

“Dr Musa mustn’t trust Andile Ncube around his wife.” wrote Chris Excel

Even Dr. Musa joked in response to Andile Ncube’s remark, apparently after the dust had cleared and Ncube had already received some criticism from Twitter users.

“Andile, my brother! Don’t do this! I’m honestly just a sweet and innocent young man from the Vaal. I mean no harm. I do no harm. I’m just a nice guy.” wrote Dr Musa Mthombeni

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