August Alsina set to release a book with details of his romantic relationship with Jada Pinkett

August Alsina set to release a book with details of his romantic relationship with Jada Pinkett


August Alsina set to release a book with details of his romantic relationship with Jada Pinkett

American recording artiste, August Alsina who had an affair with Will Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith, is set to sign a six-figure book deal which will detail their controversial relationship.

Jada in August 2020 confirmed she had an “entanglement” with the 29-year-old artiste, Alsina while she was still married to the popular actor and singer Will Smith.

According to sources close to Alsina, publishers are seeking to bring a mouthwatering offer to hear the singer’s side of his story.

“August is getting ready to sign a big money book deal which will detail his romantic liaisons with Jada”, a source told The Sun.

“He has always maintained that Will gave him permission to s.leep with Jada, something they have publicly denied.

“August will go into detail about his time with Jada and will also speak about how he spent time living in homes owned by Will when he was away filming.

“As well as speaking about their relationship at that time, August wants to open up about the aftermath of going public and how it affected him personally and his career.

“There are several publishers bidding for the books and August is lining up the best deal.

“He knows there are a lot of people fascinated by his story and is happy to tell it.”

Last year, Smith addressed the longtime rumours to confirm that the pair don’t practice monogamy, in an interview for GQ.

It’s certainly not the first time the couple have spoken about their open marriage. In 2020, they confronted rumours that Pinkett Smith had an affair with American singer-songwriter August Alsina.

For several years, it had been speculated that the actress and singer had a relationship that happened concurrently to Pinkett’s Smith’s marriage to 53-year-old actor Smith.

It is believed the actress met Alsina in 2015, when the mother-of-two went to support her children, Jaden and Willow, during their performance at Wireless Festival in London.

After years of denying rumours of a romantic relationship, Alsina opened up about his romance with the 50-year-old actress, revealing that he has a ‘ton of love’ for Pinkett Smith.

In response to the reports, the actress has addressed chatter of what she describes as her ‘entanglement’ with Alsina, during a public conversation with Smith. The married couple clarified that they had previously separated and Pinkett Smith explained her relationship with Alsina ultimately made her relationship with her husband stronger than ever.

‘One thing I’ll say about you and I, is that there have never been any secrets . . . any relationship, in trying to get to a deeper understanding of love is going to be forged in the fire,’ she told Smith on her Facebook Watch show, Red Table Talk, in 2020.