Ayanda Ncwane details her near-death experience

Ayanda Ncwane details her near-death experience

Ayanda Ncwane details her near-death experience. She has been operating unnoticed for a while now. Ayanda Ncwane, the businesswoman and winner of the Global African Award who was married to the late gospel musician Sifiso Ncwane, has recently reemerged. On her new YouTube channel, The Light Has Come, she has opened up about her life and what she has been up to in recent years.

Ayanda Ncwane details her near-death experience.

Ayanda discusses in her first episode how she came face to face with death after realizing something was lacking from her life. She is aware that she has been silent, and numerous individuals have contacted her to inquire about her whereabouts.

“I wasn’t busy with anything,” she shares. “Rather something was busy with me.” A few years ago, she says her company had been organising Christian gatherings and events. She thought, through her work, her duties were fulfilled and she had reached her goals. Until recently she felt a void in her heart. ” I was not sure where the void was coming from…” she says.

On 19 April 2023, she was hospitalised after coming from a business trip. “I found myself in hospital and in the early hours, at 2AM, I had an encounter in the spiritual realm,” she says. “A very large being, a huge, giant came over towards my bed. It pressed me and it whispered in my ears, ‘I came to collect your soul. You are dying today.’ At that moment I can’t explain how I felt. But I remember the first thing I saw was myself standing next to myself,” she adds

“Research says it’s a near-death experience. Then the first picture that came to me was cameras flashing in front of her eyes. I saw a picture of my youngest son, my elder son and I saw my life, everything in seconds. Then the spirit kept saying, ‘Now you can see sizokulanda uyashona namhlanje’ and that is when I turned around and there were two nurses talking and looking at my body,” she says.

“It was that very moment that I had to fight back. I started praying aggressively and blasting in tongues, commanding my life back and rebuking the spirit.” Ayanda says she heard her voice bringing her back to life as her assignment in life was not done. “Next thing I jerked back to life and my body was vibrating.” On this day, Ayanda says she realised her life had a bigger purpose.


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