Ayanda Thabethe expecting Peter Matsimbe’s second child.

Ayanda Thabethe reveals she's expecting Peter Matsimbe's second child.

Ayanda Thabethe expecting Peter Matsimbe’s second child. Ayanda Thabethe has revealed that she’s expecting Peter Matsimbe’s second child. Ayanda told a select group of close friends about her happy pregnancy, according to a source close to her. According to reports, the celebrity who is now hosting in Namibia is beaming and content with her bun in the oven.

For the host of the Game Night Show, life seemed to be going well. She has a successful career, a successful make-up business with her sister, and a lovely, modest family that appears to be expanding. Ayanda very recently gave birth to her first child, and she is reportedly prepared to do so once again. Although rumors of her pregnancy were already going around, she officially announced it on her Instagram page by posting slides from a prenatal photo shoot.

Having a baby with a married man?

Soon after the birth of her first child was announced, rumors that her boyfriend and baby’s father, Peter Matsimbe, was a cheating husband began to circulate. The couple promptly dismissed the rumors as the work of haters, and they jointly debunked the claims that he was married in a statement.

Ayanda Thabethe expecting Peter Matsimbe’s second child

Ayanda Thabethe expecting Peter Matsimbe's second child

“We make this statement on behalf of Ms Ayanda Thabethe, who is supported by her partner, referred to as ?PM’,” reads a statement written by Thabethe’s lawyers. The letter further states that Mr PM is not a married man, despite him being seen several times on Thabethe’s Instagram stories wearing a wedding ring. “The rumour that Ms Thabethe is in a relationship with a married man is not true, and we have not been provided with evidence proving otherwise. PM is not in any marriage or union recognised by the law,” reads the statement.

According to the insider, Ayanda is at her happiest when she is just being herself and enjoying her family; she has even cut back on some of her pals. According to the source, she is with her family if she is not at work, with her man, or taking care of her child. The couple, who already have a baby boy, are hoping for a daughter to balance their small family, according to their close friend.

“They enjoy being parents, also remember with Ayanda she is a divorcee and there is an issue with biological clock and making sure she pins this man down” adds the source. The source says Ayanda hopes it can be a baby girl so that she can pass out all her expensive and rare pieces from bags, designer dresses. “Can you imagine how pretty her daughter would be , and also with their matching outfits , ” adds the source.

The flamboyant couple, who live the life of prominent US celebrities, are not ashamed to flaunt their luxurious way of life. When they’re not partying on a yacht and riding in pricey automobiles, they’re traveling around the world, living it up in Dubai with some of their buddies, and popping costly bottles. Ayanda is always showered with costly presents and fancy clothing.

According to Musa Khawula, Peter Matsimbe is married to Shannen Thring and is currently on the run for securing a loan with Standard Bank to buy 10 luxury vehicles using fraudulent documents.

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