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Big Brother Mzansi Returns: Adult films star Xoli Mfeka wants to contest

Big Brother Mzansi Returns: Adult films star Xoli Mfeka wants to contest

When was Celebrity Big Brother season 3 announced?

The third season of Big Brother: Celebrity Edition was announced on September 9, 2021 as part of CBS’ virtual presentation at the Television Critics Association.

The news has broken that Mzansi Magic will be reviving one of the biggest reality shows in South Africa. Big Brother Mzansi is set to return to screens in the near future, with rumors of auditions being around the corner. Avid watchers are beyond excited to be glued to their screens once again.

Entertainment blogger Phil Mphela took to Twitter to share the news that Multichoice is in talks of re-launching Big Brother Mzansi. Auditions are yet to happen but discussions are being finalised.


Xoli Mfeka to audition for Big Brother Mzansi

Big Brother Mzansi Returns: Adult films star Xoli Mfeka wants to contest

Multichoice is working to bring back Big Brother Mzansi, one of the most-watched shows in the country and South African adult films star Xolisile Mfeka wants to go all the way and win the prize money.

xoli mfeka
Xolisile Mfeka wants Big Brother Mzansi contest: Image source : (Instagram)

Television personality and commentator Phil Mphela revealed the comeback of Big Brother Mzansi sending fans into a frenzy.


Viewers are expecting a Big Brother Mzansi house full of energy and rich in diverse characters. According to one Twitter user who is tired of them on TV and Radio, celebrities and influencers are not welcome.

We don’t want CELEBRITIES for BIG BROTHER MZANSI !! We’ve seen them enough on TV and heard them enough on RADIO !! Give the average public a chance

Are we ready for Only fans star Xoli Mfeka on Big Brother Mzansi?

When Xoli Mfeka registered her interest in auditioning for the Big Brother Mzansi contest, she sent her fans into a frenzy. Some fans claim they will also resign from their jobs to register for auditions, while some promised to quit school.

xoli mfeka-Big Brother Mzansi Returns: Adult films star Xoli Mfeka wants to contest Xoli Mfeka to audition for Big Brother Mzansi
Xoli Mfeka – Image Credit: Instagram (xolisile_mfeka)

You see, now I’m going to quit school and follow you; imagine Xoli and me leaving as a couple after winning.

Xoli Mfeka won the hearts of many after opening up to be the only South African black adult film actress, a career considered taboo in society.


Many fans are rooting for her to get the Big Brother Mzansi participation ticket as she will bring Mjolo to the screens. Big Brother Mzansi fans believe that with Xoli Mfeka, the show will break many viewership records.

“Our nights are not going to be the same again with Xolisile Mfeka on Big Brother Mzansi; she will bring loads of Mjolo in the house, exactly as we need.”

How do you audition for Big Brother Mzansi?

Auditioning details for Big Brother Mzansi are not yet revealed, but fans should expect a lot of online and physical auditioning in various provinces due to the pandemic.

Big Brother Mzansi Auditions Announcement

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