Big Brother Mzansi winner now selling imbiza

Big Brother Mzansi winner now selling imbiza

Big Brother Mzansi winner now selling imbiza
Big Brother Mzansi winner now selling imbiza

After seven years since she won Big Brother Mzansi, Ntombi Tshabalala was followed by bad publicity regarding the R2 million she scooped in the competition.

But now it looks like she’s turning her life around and got on her feet as she used part of the money to start her imbiza business.

Ntombi and her boyfriend, Ace Khumalo won Big Brother Mzansi in 2015, walking away with the grand price of R2 million.

The controversial couple were reportedly irresponsible after they won, as they were arrested in a possession of drugs and allegedly failed to pay a landlord of the house they were renting in Midrand.

But now Ntombi said that life is good.

“I’m running the imbiza business and it’s doing well,” she said.

She told Daily Sun that her ancestors gave her imbiza ingredients.

“I wanted to loose weight and have tried different products but none of them worked. One night I dreamt of imbiza. I ignored the dream until it came back several times. When this dream came back one of the nights, I woke up and wrote down the ingredients. It worked for me and that was how the imbiza business started,” said Ntombi.

Although Ntombi hinted that she was running businesses before she started imbiza, she refused to be specific on the nature of those businesses.

When asked how she spent R2 million, since she and Ace were reportedly broke just a few months after they won, she said she wished not to talk about anything related to Big Brother.

“After Big Brother, I hustled. I went to different auditions and opened businesses. Life was not easy. But I managed to open a few businesses. And I used the money from those businesses as the capital to start my imbiza business,” said Ntombi.

The People’s Paper further asked her if she could confirm that she used part of R2 million to start her current business.

She said: “What do you want me to say? Since I used the money to start other businesses which gave birth to this imbiza business, I can say yes.”

Although Ntombi and Ace had made the controversial headlines, they had been strong in their relationship.

Since they started dating when they were still in Big Brother house, they are still together and have three kids.

“We are still going strong and Ace helps me with the business. We’re a happy family. Ace supports and loves his family,” said Ntombi.

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