Big Zulu’s ‘BIG ZULU’ breaks the Internet driving women wild

  • Big Zulu’s ‘BIG ZULU’ breaks the Internet driving women wild
Big Zulu’s ‘BIG ZULU’ breaks the Internet driving women wild
Big Zulu’s ‘BIG ZULU’ breaks the Internet driving women wild

South African actor Wiseman Ngcube just shared a photo of himself hanging out with local rapper Big Zulu. The photo got a lot of attention from Instagram users who noticed something else about the photo – Big Zulu’s package. The comment section was instantly filled with comments from ladies who couldn’t help but mention how big it looked.

Some people even hilariously remarked that this must be the reason why Bonang appeared to be so smitten over the gentle giant.



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Big Zulu’s big package sends the ladies into a craze

It was a normal day on Instagram until Wiseman Ngcube decided to share a post that featured himself, Big Zulu, and Mondli Makhoba.

For many, it was an ordinary photo of some friends hanging around but for others, it was an unplanned thirst trap.

Those with eagle eyes zoomed into the photo and discovered that Big Zulu is actually very “blessed” when it comes to the size of his manhood and hilariously they wasted no time heading to the comment section to make their views on the matter crystal clear.

Thirsty women shoot their shot

Many young women – and men – were soon staring and sharing their thoughts on the rappers 4-5. Some of them even commented that they finally see what media personality Bonang sees in him.

These comments come after a video of the two of them sparked romance rumours – something they have since denied.

Big Zulu said there was nothing looming between them.

“Nkabi Nation, Uthando Lunye. Cha besixoxela nje noSisi @bonang_m akukho okutheni ukwazane nje nodadewethu ngbonge futh ngethuba nokuzehlisa.”

His caption, translated into English, reads: “Nkabi Nation, One love. No we were just chatting with sis @bonang_m. There is nothing going on. Just knowing my sister. Thanks again for the opportunity and being humble”.

Though Big Zulu cleared it up, his followers couldn’t help but notice the chemistry between the two, with some still pushing the idea they should date. Others said their clip might be a publicity stunt.

“Maybe there’s a song coming out called ‘Bonang’ so it’s just for publicity for now,” wrote one of his followers.

“You guys look so cute together, iyavuma iSouth Africa… Mthathe isisi please,” another said.

Read some of their hilarious comments below:

“Better Tell @bonang_m To Play Far From @bigzulu_sa 😂😂😂 Unless She Doesn’t Mind Inkabi With Big Machine 💪🏽”


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