Bishop Isaac Makamu arrested

Bishop Isaac Makamu Arrested

Bishop Isaac Makamu Arrested

Bishop Isaac Makamu was arrested just a few minutes ago, according to reports. After his voice note talking to young lady was released, the television personality and Amabishop host has been trending for weeks.

Woman who recorded Bishop Isaac Makamu on her case said few days ago that she want him to be arrested and never do this to anyone again.

Bishop Isaac Makamu was heard on the voice note asking for sex on the young lady but he later called on Amabishop show were he used to host to deliver his side of story.

It is where Bishop Makamu changed his story and said he was not asking for sex instead he was asking for church keys. Many didn’t believe him since his stories were not adding up.

According to Daily Sun, Israel Makamu said the lady was one of his employees and had worked overtime, so she had the office keys. He said that’s all he wanted.

In the clip, Israel Makamu asks if no one will see him when he enters the place and proceeds to ask if she is alone.

When the lady confirmed that she was alone, Israel Makamu asks: “Otlo mpha?” (will you give me).

The lady can be heard repeatedly saying no, and Israel Makamu begged her, which she ends up saying she will give him on Sunday.

According to the paper, Israel Makamu said that the clip is from 2018 and he didn’t understand how it got leaked.

“I understand that it sounds wrong, but I was just being playful. It kind of went too far, but I’d never ask for sex from any of my employees or congregation,” said Makamu.

He told the paper that the clip was edited and now it sounds like he wanted something else from her.

“It’s been released and I have no idea who did this,” said Makamu.

He apologized to his wife in front of the church and also apologized to his congregation.

Case of sexual harassment and assault was opened against Bishop Makamu at Midrand Police Station.

Now JUST IN Bishop Makamu was apparently arrested not long ago in connection with the ya ngwanaka issue. There are also 3 other cases that are said to have been reported between 2015 & 2017, but the dockets have since vanished. Those who were collaborating with them to face music.