Bolt introduces new audio recording feature for safety — here’s how it works

Bolt introduces new audio recording feature for safety — here's how it works

Bolt introduces new audio recording feature for safety. To improve travel safety, the e-hailing platform Bolt has included a new audio recording capability.

In cases when passengers or drivers could feel insecure while traveling, Bolt said that the feature provides a solution.

“This feature lets drivers and passengers record audio via the app during a ride, discouraging inappropriate behaviour, enhancing safety, and assisting us and the local authorities in resolving potential disputes,” said Bolt.

The feature is available in South Africa and Nigeria, and riders must have the latest version of the app to use it.

“Riders and drivers will be notified once audio trip recording is available in their country. Users can find the feature in Bolt’s in-app safety toolkit and use it if they feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

“In-app audio recording can only be activated during a Bolt ride. Bolt can only access files users have shared with customer Support as a part of an incident report,” said the e-hailing platform

The function is released in the midst of complaints of fake drivers reportedly abusing and robbing customers.

Four guys were allegedly known for robbing riders while acting as drivers for the e-hailing service provider, and in February, community members in Polokwane, Limpopo, stripped them of their clothes and attacked them. They are believed to have used profiles from stolen businesses.

Police started an investigation after a video of the four naked guys went popular on social media.

Soon after being hospitalized, one of the victims passed away from his injuries. A second victim passed away after four days in the hospital, and a third after nine days.

Bolt introduces new audio recording feature for safety — here’s how it works

  • When using audio trip recording for the first time, Bolt rides may request authorization to utilize your phone’s microphone.
  • At any time throughout a trip, you can start and stop recording. However, the function is restricted to rides, and recording shuts off immediately once a ride concludes.
  • When you launch a microphone-using app, recording pauses; when that app is dismissed, recording immediately resumes.
  • The recorded file is protected with encryption and kept on your system for up to 24 hours. You must include the recording as an attachment to an incident report in order to share it with Bolt customer support.
  • Please submit the report as soon as possible because the encrypted footage is automatically deleted from your device after 24 hours.

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