Bonang Matheba crushing on actor Mduduzi Mabaso

Bonang Matheba is back on social media with a bang after being trolled for weeks, she’s now setting the record straight showing us who Queen B is. Be it endorsement, serving us looks, and engaging with her fans. She recently made headlines again after Mduduzi Mabaso’s daughter posted the actor. She couldn’t help but tweet how much she would love to be her step mom.

She share sweet photos with the caption ‘father’. Many tweeps were shocked to learn that Mduduzi has a grown daughter, while Bonang was glued to the actor.

She immediately went to the comment section to shoot her shot.


‘ Baby, do you want a new step mom?’ she wrote


We’ve all known Bonang to be quiet after her last relationship she has never gone public and has been keeping her personal life private.

Bonang Matheba’s MCC House of BNG is the official celebratory drink for the Miss South Africa pageant for the fourth consecutive year.

Matheba, founder of The House of BNG, said she is looking forward to yet another amazing year. “The Miss South Africa pageant is an exciting event we all look forward to every year,” said Matheba.

“And like many young South Africans, it has always been close to my heart since I was a little girl. Officially partnering with them again this year is such an honour, both proudly South African brands.”