Bonang Matheba dragged for sharing details of the woman who rammed into her

Bonang Matheba for sharing details of the woman who rammed into her

Bonang Matheba dragged for sharing details of the woman who rammed into her.

Recently, Bonang Matheba requested assistance from her followers in locating the woman who rammed into her.

The celebrity then revealed the characteristics of the car, saying that a woman sped off after ramming into her.

Although Bonang did not provide many specifics, many thought it was excessive of her to have placed the woman’s license plate number online.

She “could’ve had some manners & waited,” according to the media figure.

Peeps suggested that instead of endangering the woman’s life, Bonang should have reported the incident to the authorities.

She tweeted: “This woman just rammed into my car and sped off!! Please help me find her”


Here’s what mzansi think;

“You honestly didn’t have to post their registration on social media. What she did was wrong but the right thing to have done was to report it at your local police station and also your insurance company should be able to assist in tracking her.”

“There is no case here… Bonang is just chasing clout… she faild to chase Toyota yaris and she came here to chase clout”

“She was probably traumatised, and imagine the money you will charge her for that 🥺. You must be driving a G wagon or something , so imagine the expenses it’s not even close to her salary 💔. But you shouldn’t have showed her number plate to the world B”

“You are rich can’t you see her car is cheap & she can’t pay you. Have ubuntu & forgive her maaan. Lead by example, you are a celeb”

“Well there’s no damage on her car so I doubt very much she rammed into your car as you alleged. Unless you meant in reverse of course..”

“That car looks stand still ,and it bumper still looks without white dents of your car… what happened before the incident !!? Clearly you not telling a full story here… what you doing could put the owner of that in danger…”

Bonang keeps getting hate from these social media streets. She’s been trending lately for all the bad things but the queen is here to stay as she seems unbothered.

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