Bonang under fire for faking it

Bonang under fire for faking it

Bonang under fire for faking it. Mzansi media personality and self-proclaimed Queen B Bonang Matheba may be in a celebratory mood, in the same token her fans are certainly not jumping for her joy. This comes after collaboration news between Bonang Matheba and Nivea made it to social media.

Queen B is a well-known media figure in Mzansi. While Bonang Matheba may be in a festive mood, her admirers are not exactly jumping for her delight. This is in response to social media spreading information about a collaboration between Bonang Matheba and Nivea.

At the expense of her fans, reality TV star Bonang Matheba may have acquired another another bag. Tweeps are aiming for Bonang Matheba’s head on a silver platter instead of her supporters joining her in her celebration.

Following the release of the video and stills from her partnership with the company Nivea and their newest Luminous630 cream line, it is safe to say that Twitter users are not ecstatic. The incident that sparked the outrage involved Bonang Matheba applying Nivea Lumunos630 cream to her obviously makeup-covered face.

Twitter users have criticized Bonang Matheba for her blatant “hypocrisy” because they believe that Bonang Matheba and Nivea are deceiving them and lack respect for them as rational beings. Twitter users have expressed their complaints about Queen B and Nivea, and it is not a pleasant sight.

“Few days ago she was complaining about her skin getting dry this winter, asking the people what are they using & one of her followers said she is using some Nivea serum. She retweeted that and many of her followers wanted the product also. And today Nivea is sponsoring her.🤑🤑🤑”

“Heavy make up, professional lighting, professional camera man, photoshop and cream on top of all that? They literally didn’t even try to make this believable.”

Because of her social standing and reputation, Twitter users also believe that Bonang Matheba had it easy. Twitter users are more sure that someone else should have been given this opportunity instead of Bonang Matheba, who is obviously well-connected.

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