Boy pretends to be the ‘devil’ and causes near stampede in a church, pastor ran out

Boy pretends to be the ‘devil’ and causes near stampede in a church

A prank by a 15-year-old boy caused a near stampede in a church in Nairobi’s Umoja Estate. Several people sustained minor injuries during the scrape.

The stunned congregants ran out of the church, falling over each other after the alleged rascal, hidden from their view, pretended to be ‘the devil’ and scared them stiff.

The drama ensued after worshipers closed their eyes and began praying before the sermon could begin. The boy is said to have tiptoed and picked the extra microphone at the lectern before hiding behind two loudspeakers.


The faithful heard a booming voice with devilish sounds reverberating through the church public address system, announcing that they were now in hell and the voice speaking belonged to the devil himself.

After a loud silence rent the air, the ‘devil’ ordered all those who truly believe in God to raise their hands, to which none responded. Instead, everyone was looking at each other with fear written all over their faces.


The ‘devil’ then announced that everyone sits down on the floor awaiting further instructions.

As the scared congregates shook and wet their pants, the pastor bolted out of the church at maximum speed before they followed suit.

The sudden frenzied rush, coupled with “shetani ashindwe” shouts, created a fine mess, making some of the faithful to think it was the much-talked about biblical end time.

It was the sight of elders jogging away as fast as they could, women and children wailing for help with other scared worshipers fervently begging for mercy from the ‘devil’ that tickled the offending boy, making him to laugh uncontrollably.

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