Bujy Bikwa denies assaulting Boity with a champagne bottle and GBV claims

Bujy Bikwa denies assaulting Boity with a champagne bottle and GBV claims

Bujy Bikwa denies assaulting Boity with a champagne bottle and GBV claims. In the past, Bujy Bikwa was a well-known media personality who was enjoying the popularity of his Podcast Network program The Queer Way Of Life. What was supposed to be the beginning of his return to our television screens, however, rapidly descended into mayhem when he got into a fight with fellow media personality Boity Thulo.

“It is reported that Boity and Bujy were at the Courtyard Hotel in Midrand last night when an argument ensued. Bujy is said to have thrown a bottle of alcohol across Boity’s face that left her with a cut. Boity was hospitalised.

Boity has opened a case of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm at the Midrand police station. Bujy was arrested shortly afterward and spent the night in the police cells.”

However, images and audio of the events of that night were leaked, all of which seemed to paint Bujy as the perpetrator of what turned into the physical altercation that left Boity visibly scarred from the incident.

Bujy Bikwa denies assaulting Boity with a champagne bottle and GBV claims

Recently, Bujy finally broke his silence on the subject again as he denied hitting Boity with a champagne bottle as it was alleged.

‘I never hit anyone with a champagne bottle” – Bujy Bikwa

Bujy just gave his first interview to the media since the confrontation he had with Boity. Bujy was adamant in his interview that the present story being spread by the media was false.

Bujy acknowledges that he and Boity were involved in a fight, but he disapproves of the way the incident has been reported to the media.

This includes:

  • Bujy denies hitting Boity with a champagne bottle.
  • The blood seen on Boity from the incident, Bujy denies that was from their altercation by suggesting that the stains on her shirt were from the wine he split on her and as a result of the fight landing up inside the hotel’s pool.
  • He asserts that Boity was not only fighting with him on the day.

As a result, Bujy clarified that the reason for his silence up to this point was that he wanted Boity to first relate her account of what happened that night. He claimed that saying his series of events first would make it appear as though he was trying to shift the blame.

He further clarifies that he and Boity never had a friendship. However, they were together at the hotel because Bujy was going to be named the newest ambassador for Huawei, of whom Boity is the principal representative, leading to their chance encounters that day.

Bujy said that in light of everything that has transpired since, he is looking forward to the day when his name is cleared because there is camera footage and a lengthy audio clip of their altercation, which he believes exonerates him of the stigma associated with gender-based violence and proves that he is not at all responsible for the events that transpired on that unfaithful night.

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