Bujy Bikwa losses house and TV shows after assaulting Boity

Bujy Bikwa losses house and TV shows after assaulting Boity
Bujy Bikwa assaulting Boity Thulo has resulted in him losing his house and Tv shows. Photo/Instagram

Bujy Bikwa losses house and TV shows after assaulting Boity.

Bujy Bikwa, a South African media personality, says that since his arrest in 2021 following a fight with musician Boity Thulo at the Courtyard Hotel in Midrand, he has lost two TV shows and a home he once lived in on a golf estate.

Former Metro FM radio host Bujy Bikwa claims that after garnering attention in 2021 for allegedly attacking media figure Boity Thulo, he was hospitalized for depression and missed out on two major TV gigs and a mansion.

Additionally, Bikwa tells City Press that he still struggles with social anxiety and that he was stigmatized and branded as a perpetrator of gender-based violence (GBV).

“GBV is a very sensitive matter in this country. Just last week, a good friend of mine was beaten to a pulp by a lover. So, if someone says (the altercation) was a GBV case, I just say we are all adults here and we know what happened at that hotel. Let us let the law take its course. For me, I want to use this time to heal.”

The two ex-media personalities got into an argument while having drinks with friends when a discussion regarding sangomas was brought up.

Thulo allegedly sustained a cut after Bikwa allegedly hurled a glass of alcohol in her face, leading to her hospitalization.

In October 2021, Bikwa was detained and taken to the Johannesburg Correctional Center; he was later freed on an R2,000 bail.

“I missed two television shows. The first one I was supposed to shoot last year and the second one was coming this year. So those are all gone. I know they are both on television now. I have seen them.”

The removal of everything from him without anyone being willing to hear his side of the story was, according to Bikwa, one of the most upsetting things he had ever experienced.

“It was more [a case] of who is more popular, who is more believable, and it was easy for me to stay silent for the longest time because I am male. I have decided not to fight because I told myself that, when the time is right the truth will come out.”

Bikwa claimed that as jobs began to disappear, he was unable to pay his medical bills, maintain his new apartment, or stay in it.

“Even with my deejaying residency, they had put me on hold and said they wanted to understand what is currently happening first before I could go back. So many people did not want to touch me. Other people thought it was too soon for me to start booking the jobs,” he said

“My family was there for me. I had to start doing things I have never done before like having to pray and fast … I have learned to be in isolation. My sister had to hold my hand and my grandmother had to teach me how to read the Bible again. She told me to fix myself. Sometimes I laugh at where I was then.”

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