Burial disrupted, body returned to mortuary after bees attack mourners

Burial disrupted, body returned to mortuary after bees attack mourners
Mourners at the burial in Kapmeswon village in Sotik, Bomet County. PHOTO| Courtesy 

A funeral service of a woman in Kapmeswon village in Sotik, Bomet County was on Thursday cut short after a swarm of bees attacked mourners.

Three family members were seriously injured and rushed to Kaplong Mission Hospital with other mourners nursing minor injuries.

The family was forced to return the woman’s body to the morgue and reschedule burial plans to fit the Kipsigis tradition.

This is after it emerged that the alleged husband to the woman had not paid dowry for the deceased wife.

Elders expressed their concerns and advised the family to conduct the funeral service at the home of the late in Olenguruone, Nakuru County where the body was taken.



Mastern Wanjala Saga.
When transferring prisoners in cell register, let’s be careful.This prisoner was transferred by error by officers as curfew offender. The Inspector unknowingly released all petty/curfew offenders.Small mistake causing all this!Police arrested in connection with escape.

Detectives have arrested the kidnapper behind the disappearance of two children in Shauri Moyo, Nairobi. 20-year-old Masten Milimu Wanjala, in a shocking revelation admitted to have kidnapped the children and executed them in cold blood.

The bloodthirsty murderer revealed to detectives that he executed the harmless children, Charles Opindo Bala, 13 and Junior Mutuku Musyoki, 12, who disappeared on June 30 and July 7, 2021, respectively.

Wanjala, who is believed to have murdered over 10 minors, led detectives to the spot where he committed the beastly act and disposed off the bodies in Kabete.
He had earlier contacted Musyoki’s mother Felista Wayua, demanding for a ransom of Sh50,000.

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in exchange of her son’s freedom. Opindo’s father Tony Opindo, whose son never returned home from Sagaret Primary School in Majengo, was asked to send Sh30,000 to buy his son’s freedom. Detectives are currently interrogating the criminal, to establish the whereabouts of the other children he is believed to have kidnapped and executed. More details shall be provided as investigations ensue.

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