Cassper finally opens up on his beef with AKA

Cassper finally opens up on his beef with AKA

Cassper finally opens up on his beef with AKA. They were acting like bitter rivals. They were at each other’s throats whenever they had the chance. A few times, the late rapper Kiernan “AKA” Forbes even smacked Refiloe “Cassper Nyovest” Phoolo during their music-based public fights. Cassper Nyovest retaliated with the irate song, Dust 2 Dust, after AKA had released the diss track Composure in 2015. They have attempted to make peace ever since, but without success. AKA was shot and killed on February 10, 2023 outside a restaurant in Durban. For the first time, Cassper discusses their history as adversaries.

Cassper admits that the argument with AKA began over the song Gusheshe, which was his breakout single, in an interview with rapper friend L-Tido. He explains why he chose to simply include OkMalumKoolKat instead of AKA.

“So the real beef started because of the song Gusheshe. I made the song and wanted OKMalumkoolKat on it. He (AKA) loved it so much and asked to put a third verse. He felt like I didn’t need him, he got sour.” Cassper has been reported to have fallen off with a lot of people but says the fight with AKA had more of an impact on his life. “That was the only real beef I had. The whole thing was bad and gave me sleepless nights.” He says, he thought about AKA every morning and how he could get back at him after releasing the diss song Composure.

“That song messed up relationships. I was mad at Anatii and DJ Milkshare for producing it and everyone.” He jokes about how he secretly liked parts of the song. “That’s why my reply was so angry. I think I shouldn’t have been so angry. I really didn’t like him. It was beyond repairs. I thought the only way of fixing it, was in the boxing ring.”

He has had numerous beefs following the one with AKA. His beef with Prince Kaybee is another one. “Man, that’s a boring one. He is an idiot. We were supposed to go fight. I am waiting for him to grow some balls. He is just a fan, an angry fan” he says. Cassper also fell out with OkMalumKoolKat.”I don’t know what happened, we just drifted apart and stopped talking. We recently reconnected and spoke about making music and being a father. That’s solved, we are cool. “As for Anatii, he called himself sexy chubby and that was my thing,” he jokes. “We were supposed to do an EP called s*xy chubby niggers and he went and did it with Kiernan.”

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