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Cassper Nyovest Confesses To Cheating On Boity Thulo


Cassper Nyovest Confesses To Cheating On Boity Thulo. Boity is mortified

In his song “I Wasn’t Ready For You,” Cassper Nyovest confessed to cheating on her, and Boity Thuli opens up about how she felt.

On Friday, September 17th, on the newest episode of Drink or Tell the Truth with Lasizwe Dambuza, media personality Boity Thulo revealed how “mortified” she was when rapper Cassper Nyovest admitted to cheating on her through a song.

Cassper Nyovest and Boity Thulo started dating in 2015 and dated for a year before ending their romance in 2016. At the time, the couple blamed their breakup on a lack of “time management.”

In his song I Wasn’t Ready For You, Cassper Nyovest admitted about cheating on Boity. The song was released in 2017, and the rapper opens by saying, “It’s been a year since we broke up/ And half of it I wasn’t sober,” which is most likely a reference to Boity. At the time, the couple’s connection was well-known.

“Too many celebrity b****** were hanging on my scrotum/ And that shit went to my head/ I should have kissed you instead/I started giving the side b****** your side of the bed,” rapped Nyovest.

“You told this woman you loved her and promised her joy/ She just needed a man, you behaved like a boy/ Manipulated her mind, baby I got you confused/ It’s high time I admit, I wasn’t ready for you,” he continued.

Boity talked about how she felt when she heard Cassper Nyovest rap about cheating on her in his song on the latest edition of Drink or Tell the Truth with Lasizwe.

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“So Cassper, mentioned you in a song, that he cheated on you. How did that really make you feel when that song came out?,” asked Lasizwe Dambuza.

“It’s been so long. I mean obviously I’m a human being and I didn’t find out through the song, I just didn’t know he was going to put it in the song. So I was embarrassed, mortified, no one wants people knowing,” said Boity.

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