Cassper Nyovest now blamed for Costa Titch’s death.

Cassper Nyovest now blamed for Costa Titch’s death.

Cassper Nyovest now blamed for Costa Titch’s death.. Costa Titch, a late rapper and dancer, had mixed emotions about local rappers who dabbled in genres other than hip hop.

He attacked Cassper Nyovest on Instagram, who many people assumed to be the “Destiny” hitmaker and who had come under fire for engaging in amapiano. Titch also singled out Nyovest’s rival AKA, saying that hip hop in South Africa was coming together and that people who had shifted to other genres should stick with them while they fixed the problems they had created.

Cassper Nyovest now blamed for Costa Titch’s death

When Nyovest learned about the insult Titch had directed at him, a supporter subsequently requested that he produce two more hip-hop songs. In his reply, Nyovest claimed that Titch was repairing what he had damaged and that it appeared that hip hop did not need him. Nyovest went on to say that now that he was back in South Africa, he was eager to run into Titch and hear him out in person.

When Boohle, with whom he co-wrote the popular song “Siyathandana,” claimed that Nyovest had only penned his verse, there was uproar online. Boohle discussed the creation of her popular song with Nyovest while appearing on the Channel O program “Podcast and Chill: Celebrity Edition,” and claimed that he had only written his verse. In response to her tweets, Nyovest expressed disappointment and declined to go into detail about the song’s composition. He nevertheless wished her well and hoped she would continue to have success.

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