Cassper Nyovest responds to trolls after DJ Sumbody’s funeral

Cassper Nyovest responds to trolls after DJ Sumbody's funeral
Cassper Nyovest responds to trolls after DJ Sumbody’s funeral

Cassper Nyovest responds to trolls after DJ Sumbody’s funeral.

Following today’s funeral services for DJ Sumbody, Twitter is in uproar. A song featuring both DJ Sumbody and the deceased was done by Cassper Nyovest, who was DJ Sumbody’s best friend.

Unquestionably, Cassper Nyovest and the late DJ Sumbody were not just good friends but occasionally collaborated on projects as artists. On Twitter, there has been a backlash regarding what happened during DJ Sumbody’s farewell performance.

Cassper Nyovest performed the song “Monate Mpolaye,” on which the DJ and music producer both worked, as a tribute. When a person passes away, traditionally and also in black communities, their friends frequently pay honor and tribute by engaging in the activities that the deceased loved.

Since DJ Sumbody loved music in this circumstance, it was only appropriate to have a few performances at his burial. On Twitter, though, there are growing concerns from users who believe that Cassper Nyovest’s performance at the funeral was needless and uncalled for.

According to a Daily Sun video, Twitter users were not exactly ecstatic about Cassper Nyovest’s performance.

“They couldve just played the song, Cassper makes everything about him” wrote Nkululeko Mayisa

“This will never be cool… EVER!!! I can’t imagine being sad from losing a loved one and someone comes to do such things in front of me” wrote Filli

“When did we arrive at dancing around a coffin singing ‘monate mbolaye’ now” wrote Manikavana

“This gotta be the worst performance by Cass bro dude just can’t give that Cassper Nyovest performance he hurt Fr” wrote Bruce Sphosethu

Cassper Nyovest did not waste any more time and responded to the trolls who called him out for constantly making things about himself on Twitter. According to Nyovest, DJ Sumbody’s family requested the performance in order to remember and commemorate the late artist.

“The family asked US to perform the song as a tribute at the memorial and the funeral. I agreed out of respect for the family but yeah “Cassper Makes everything about him.” Leave me the fuck alone man!!! I’m human!!!” wrote Cassper Nyovest

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