Cassper Nyovest reveals one of the hardest things at the Root Of Fame

At the Root Of Fame, Cassper Nyovest confesses one of the most difficult things he’s ever done. The star said on Twitter that he had a hard time stopping Lekau Sehoana from posting new sneakers. This comes after Lekau posted an Instagram snapshot of himself wearing the new Root Of Fame show and Jeans.

He said: “Rocking that new @rootoffame and Domain Jeans…I’m a walking Billboard for my Brands… Root Of Fame, coming out soon…” Recall in May, Cassper hinted about launching a Root Of Fame clothing line. Well, Lekau has let the cat out of the bag, and seems like Cass isn’t pleased with it.

The rapper stated that the show is not the next thing they want to release, since people are now asking when the new shoe will be released.

Cassper tweeted: “One of the hardest things at the ROOT OF FAME is getting Lekau not to post new shoes. You’ll be planning a launch next thing BOOM! People are asking you when the new shoes are dropping. Lekau ha ana order. That shoe is not even the next drop. Ahaha yah neh”


Here’s what his fans had to say;

“If you drop anything that’s not on the level of the sneaker you and Lekau posted. People aren’t gonna be happy.”

“Understood but ROF designs are a correction to most shoes out there even correction of other big brands. 990s are going for a year without a hole where a toe is settling. ROF IS A GAME CHANGER ,I’d rather spend my money on it than overseas brands.”

,,”Mara akere ke Chairman, he can do whatever 🤣🤣 so bring forward the launch of those ones assomblief, we want them immediately phela 🤷‍♀️”

“Thanks for the heads up, buddy. I knew there was a new sneaker on the horizon and I wasn’t going to miss out!”