Cassper Responds To Alene’s Claims That His Shoe Saved Her Life

Cassper Responds To Alene’s Claims That His Shoe Saved Her Life

Cassper’s Response To Alene’s Claims That His Shoe Saved Her Life

Anele Mdoda left many in shock after she revealed over the weekend that she got ran over by a car whilst waiting to get picked up by her boyfriend at the airport.

The radio personality, who said her ankle could have been seriously hurt, if it wasn’t for Cassper Nyovest‘s Drip sneakers – The Root Of Fame 990 – gave Cass hope that his sneakers might just save the Hip Hop industry.

After receiving news from Anele that his 990 sneakers saved her from getting injured badly, Cassper took to social media. Not to brag too much about the quality of the sneakers, but to also wish Anele a speedy recovery.

“A message from Anele Mdoda yesterday! ‘My homie, your shoe saved my ankle after a car ran over me yesterday!’ She then sent me this picture. Hahaha so there you have it! The 990s are saving lives! She just told this story on radio. Get well my friend,” he said.

This made Cassper assume his sneakers would also help save the Hip Hop industry, as it is apparently in need of saving. He said since the shoes helped save Anele’s life, he is also convinced that they might “save SA Hip Hop.”

This slight shade comes from the fact that a few Hip Hop heads are pointing fingers at Cassper for leaving the genre for his own personal gains. They warn that when Hip Hop slowly rises again, Cassper and the others who ditched Hip Hop should not come back when Amapiano fails.

Cassper responded to Costa Ticth’s claims that he broke Hip Hop, Cassper laughed at him and said he wishes they could meet so he can say that to his face. “Apparently hip-hop don’t need Cassper Nyovest. They coming together and things are looking bright. Costa even said he is fixing what I destroyed. I’ve never laughed so hard in my life. I’m back in SA and I can’t wait to run into him so he must explain in person,” he wrote.

Anele Mdoda  narrated how her traumatic ordeal happened whilst standing at the OR Tambo international airport. During her breakfast show on 947 Johannesburg, Anele said “I am, waiting to get picked up [by my boyfriend] and now I’m standing where everyone is standing, waiting to get picked up. The next thing, I feel the biggest pressure forcing me to the ground. It is the most bizarre feeling, so I think ‘oh I’m getting mugged’, so I turn to grab whoever is mugging me,” she revealed.