Chatpanda -Local Social Media Platform Launches!


A locally developed social media platform launches in the Kenya market. Chatpanda which enables you to stay in touch with your friends, family, and co-workers all the time is like Twitter but with more friendly features.

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Chatpanda -Local Social Media Platform  Launches!
Local Social Media Platform Launches!

This comes at a time when most big social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have been banning users and closing down groups without any warnings. The most recent being the closure of Kenya’s biggest Facebook group Group Kenya and blogger Cyprian Nyakundi being locked out of Twitter. Chatpanda’s goal is to enable local publishers to share the best stories without any bias, to grow following to any limit, and be local heroes.

Currently, Chatpanda team promises to verify all known local publishers and influencer’s accounts immediately when they register on the platform. The platform trending hashtags are fully localized to enable the best topics to trend, and priority is on the best topics that are trending in various localities across the country. In addition, users can now promote or sponsor content in the platform at a very friendly rate and no banning of ads or tough reviews like on Facebook or Twitter. The platform is now one month old with over 1000 registered users and it’s now fully open to the public with more additional features being added on a weekly basis to make the platform the best in the country!

Chatpanda team led by Mr. Eli is looking forward to your feedback about Chatpanda and inviting your friends to join Chatpanda! Register using this link here

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