Check out how Unathi’s viral video landed Minnie in trouble

Check out how Unathi’s viral video landed Minnie in trouble

Check out how Unathi's viral video landed Minnie in trouble
Check out how Unathi’s viral video landed Minnie in trouble

Just recently, media personality Unathi Nkayi took to her Instagram to share a video that has had tongues all over Mzansi wagging. In the video, she is seen dancing alongside Minnie Dlamini and some two other friends.

The video which was released not too long ago seems to have attracted attention all over social media for nothing other than her gorgeous body. The four ladies who are seen in bikinis flaunting their stunning physiques, are most definitely a sight for sore eyes.
Check out the video below.
Taking to her comment section, there is no denying that the only person fans seem to be looking at in the video is just Unathi. Her body is screaming goals and now all we want to know is what exactly is her secret because sis can gerrit!
What seems to have also caught fans attention is the fact that Unathi’s body is giving some major competition to Minnie Dlamini. For many they just cannot believe that Unathi is hotter than Minnie.
This comparison has of course brought out all the haters who have gone ahead to body shame Minnie saying that married life seems to have made Minnie let go of her body.
This has not sat so well with Minnie’s fans and other tweeps alike who seem to be asking whether it was necessary to compliment Unathi’s body while still dragging Minnie’s name.
Fans have also gone ahead to say that the same people praising Unathi’s body are the same people who will also go ahead to body shame her as they are doing to Minnie Dlamini.
“y’all know you can praise Unathi’body and moves without mentioning u Minnie… Besides the girl just had a baby not so long ago so babies keep you busy vele ngeke ubene ne energy. What gets to me is Minnie still looks better than most y’alls sisters and gfs maar ni busy niyarasa”
“Sis😭. Babies aside, do they even have an idea how Frustrating A woman’s body is. Naturally. It’s even sad that ladies also compare them like they do not know better”
“Yazi. Then they resort to plastic surgeries to escape the natural female body struggles & still get body shamed And cyber bullied”
Despite all the hate that is making rounds about Minnie’s body, it is good to see that her fans are showing up for her to affirm that whether or not Unathi’s body is hotter than hers, as many are saying, she is still a flame and nothing will change that.
They all agree that it is her confidence and personality that matters the most to them. What do you think?
All in all, it seems tweeps are also very happy to see that Unathi is moving on quite well from what happened between her and Sizwe. If you can remember, the two radio presenters got into a very heated altercation that led to Unathi losing her job.
There is no denying that the drama between Unathi and Sizwe was one of the toughest feuds that 2021 ever witnessed but it is good to see that despite everything she is dealing with everything quite well.
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