Connie ferguson in hot soup after doing this

Connie Ferguson in hot soup after doing this

Connie Ferguson in hot soup after doing this

Many people have always been good fans of the Ferguson films in terms of watching and wishing to be on their screens.

People have continued to support Connie Furgerson since the loss of her husband but we wondered how long it would last. It seems like the plane has finally landed for Connie Furgerson since she has started managing things.

It appears that the Furgerson Films and other business ventures that Shona Furgerson and Connie Furgerson established have contributed to their reputation. The reputation so lasting that might come to an end sooner than we thought.

After learning that one of their favorite performers, Sk Khoza, had been fired by the Queen as a result of an ongoing prosecution against him for domestic violence, South Africans were shocked yesterday. It was claimed shortly after the news emerged that a number of actors had submitted their resignations in support of SK Khoza’s cause.

With many actors resigning, this could mean the worst for Furgerson films. Shona must be turning in his grave seen all of this under Connie’s watch. What could this mean??? Is it the end of the Ferguson Films

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Khoza asked Hlongwane to marry him during a 37-minute Instagram live video in December in front of thousands of his fans, whom he had asked to help him pop the question.

After she had accepted the proposal, Khoza said: “I’ve never met anybody who inspires me or loves me as much as Mandy, and I love her like crazy! I can genuinely say that I’m in love.”

However, their romance seemed to die down a few months later, when the Kings of Jo’burg actor released a public apology for verbally abusing his fiancée in July.

“The physical abuse happened while they were still together. Her face was bruised by the beatings she took when she found out he had got another girl pregnant and questioned him about it,” said a source close to the couple.

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