Cop shoots and kills wife and her two siblings

Cop shoots and kills wife and her two siblings

Cop shoots and kills wife and her two siblings. They were having marital issues and made the decision to ask their family members for assistance in resolving their marital issues. The husband allegedly shot his wife and her two siblings dead during a meeting that was called for Sunday morning.

Cop shoots and kills wife and her two siblings.

A 37-year-old officer and his wife allegedly arranged a family meeting on Sunday at their home in the KaMajika hamlet near Hazyview, Mpumalanga, to discuss their marital problems. The police officer allegedly became quite agitated as the discussion went on because he didn’t agree with what his wife’s family was saying.

According to Robbie Raburabu of the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID), the officer allegedly lost his cool because of how the family was handling their problems.

“The suspect snapped and went to his bedroom to get his firearm. He shot his wife, her sister and her brother. They were all certified dead on the scene,” said Raburabu.

Later, the policeman turned himself in to the authorities; he was then accused of three counts of murder. He will go up today in front of the Hazyview Magistrates Court.

Meanwhile, a station commander has been detained in the Eastern Cape for the murder of a man who he believed had broken into his home. According to Raburabu, the policeman was detained on Saturday in Berlin’s Lingelitsha Township.

” A 42-year-old SAPS captain was arrested by IPID Investigators after he allegedly killed a 33-year-old male he accused of having broken into his house and stolen a laptop and a cellphone. The captain, allegedly assisted by several local community police forum members, rounded up some alleged suspects and allegedly assaulted them. After the deceased succumbed to the injuries, his body was dumped on a public road,” Raburabu said. The officer, together with accomplices, will appear before the Berlin magistrate’s court on a charge of murder soon.

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