Costa Titch’s mother speaks out

Costa Titch’s mother speaks out

Costa Titch’s mother speaks out. Costa Titch‘s mother has taken to Instagram to share memories of her dancer and Amapiano son. She made a suggestion that there might be more to her son’s death than what had been revealed in one of the images.

Last month, while performing at the Ultra Music Festival in Johannesburg, Costa Titch, true name Constantinos Tsobanoglou, passed away. Many people have theorized that his history of epilepsy had something to do with it. He may have experienced seizures, though his family never verified or disputed this.

Costa Titch’s mother speaks out

Costa Titch’s mother speaks out

Costa’s mother makes a suggestion that the cause of death may not have been known to the public just as supporters were beginning to realize that Costa’s departure was a sad accident caused by his condition. She promised not to rest until she finds out what happened to her son.

“Wish you would bounce back to us. Love forever.” reads one post. Another says, “I promise you my son, that I will not rest until I find out what happened to you.”

Paying tribute to Costa was Akon who had just signed him on a global partnership deal with Konvict Kulture.

“With heavy hearts, we announce the passing of our brother Constantinos Tsobanoglou (aka: COSTA TITCH), after the sad unexpected event occurring last night leading to him collapsing on stage,” he wrote on Instagram

“Costa Titch was more than just an artist. He was a brilliant superstar and hardworking man with a kind heart which endeared him to all around him.

I remember when Babs played me his record for the first time,” he continued.

“I was convinced that he was going to make an impact in this world. Costa Titch had a vision that I knew for sure would take over the music industry globally and was on his way to doing just that when god’s plan intervened. It’s been a sad day but what makes me feel better is that I know he died doing what he loved doing the most in this world. God bless you COSTA!!!!! The entire team at Konvict Kulture have lost a brother and an important member of the family. Our hearts go out to his family and friends,” he ended his statement.

His family confirmed his passing in a short statement, “Death has tragically knocked at our door. Robbing us of our beloved son, brother, and grandson Constantinos Tsobanoglou (28), who South Africa had come to love and idolize under his stage name “Costa Titch.” It is with deep pain that we find ourselves having to acknowledge his passing at this time.

“We are thankful for the emergency responders and all those present in his last hours on this earth. As a family, we are faced with a difficult time as we try to make sense of what has befallen us and ask that we be afforded the time and space to gather ourselves

“The Tsobanoglou family thanks you for the love and support you have given to our son and may you continue to uplift him even in his spirit. Please keep us in your prayers and uplifted in the Lord,” the statement continues.

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