Csana attacked on stage after fans accuse her of mimicking Zahara

Csana attacked on stage after fans accuse her of mimicking Zahara

Csana attacked on stage after fans accuse her of mimicking Zahara. Csana, an aspiring musician from Eastern Cape, was attacked on June 16 while taking part in a celebration in her own region. Fans allegedly believed she was imitating popular singer Zahara. Nonguquko Mlaza’s daughter Csana claims that the event is still traumatizing her.

She said that she doesn’t really know how it all started. “All I saw was a can flying towards me and a few drunk people hurling insults at me saying I am not Zahara as if that is how I introduced myself,” she adds

Despite her refusal to provide many comments regarding the incident, Port St. John-born artist Csana is thinking about using security when she plays.

“I now get why some people walk around with bodyguards. I honestly don’t want to dwell on that too much because I will be giving hooligans and bullies power and glory, but my message to them is that if you don’t like something walk away from it,” she said. Csana, who will be jetting off to Hong Kong next week says there is nothing she can do to change her voice. “It’s unfortunate that God gave me this talent and I am embracing it to the fullest. This is my voice… I speak and sing with the same voice. I am not trying to be Zahara,” she adds.

She claims that because she is frequently compared to Zahara, it is difficult for her to succeed in the mainstream music industry. She got her start about the same time Zahara did, but her big break is taking a very long time to come. She claims she is sick of hearing that she is imitating Zahara’s style all the time when she is not.

“I love and respect Zahara. I don’t even think I sound like her. the fact that I also play guitar doesn’t not mean I am mimicking her style,” she says

The musician and composer seems to have experienced a series of bad luck. Early this year, the Daily Sun reported that a woman had left her cherished guitar in the care of an e-hailing service, and that the driver was reportedly refusing to deliver it back to her despite having said he would. According to a report, she claimed that the musical instrument helped put food on her table while also slowing down the creation of her future album.

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