Date My Family: This Is What People Saw When The Cameraman Zoomed In

Date My Family

This show always leaves people talking and that is something that we have gotten used to, in a way. When it comes to Date My Family, it seems like the Twitter streets are on the look out for anything that is just out of line and that can be anything.

A lot of times, we see some weird things, you might think that whatever it is that you saw was missed by a lot of people, only for you to log onto Twitter and find that people are talking about it.

That is how people focus when watching the show, this time around, the camera man was commended. Now, the camera does not stay in one place and somehow it made it to one of the bachelors’ friend’s chest area, this then caused some stir.

It was inappropriate, as some might say because this was a lady, but it seems like people on Twitter do not care that much about how anyone feels.

Twitter is one place where you get dragged without mercy, that is probably why there is a necessity to have a thick skin because if you do not, then you might want to consider not using the app.

And maybe some people would be off without the app on their phones, looking at the screenshotted picture and what people said about it, it is just insensitive.

It seems like they did not stop to think about what this would do to the lady if she were to see the picture.

There are a lot of interesting things that we see on the show, some of those things are genuinely funny and we sometimes cannot help it, but to laugh. However, there are just some things that are not funny at all, people tend to go a bit overboard.

And this is where everything goes left because the focus is on the wrong things. What do you think about this?