Dineo Ranaka Responds To Khanyi Mbau’s ‘Urban Sangomas’ Diss

Dineo Ranaka Responds To Khanyi Mbau's 'Urban Sangomas' Diss

Dineo Ranaka Responds To Khanyi Mbau’s ‘Urban Sangomas’ Diss.

Dineo Ranaka joins the plethora of individuals who disagree with Khanyi Mbau’s viewpoints regarding “Urban Sangomas.” When Khanyi Mbau asserted that people do not have a calling and are only experiencing anxiety, she raised eyebrows.

Dineo Ranaka Responds To Khanyi Mbau’s ‘Urban Sangomas’ Diss.

Dineo Ranaka, who has experienced her own spiritual awakening, has a lot to say regarding Khanyi Mbau’s assertion that her calling is worry rather than a calling. Khanyi Mbau was corrected by Dineo on Instagram, who stated that people who have a calling should disregard the doubters.

Without mentioning her name, Dineo said, “Umuntu ongakaze angene ephehlweni (someone who has never went to initiation school) will have a lot to say about what they don’t know. Like wise a person who has never walked a day in your shoes will have tons of advice on how you should tie your laces. Live as you are guided. Do as you know is good for your soul.” she started off.

She then threw shade at Khanyi, “Thokozani modern sangomas, healers and those in the process of their own healing. Thokozani nonke with anxiety and lean to the calming cradle of spirituality for healing. Thokozani those that mock what they cannot comprehend. Thokozani modern day uncertified psychologists that get a great portion of their partial teachings from TikTok (hehehe yah neh), Thokozani nani twitter psychologists and herbalists. Thokozani nina that are fascinated, intrigued and eager to understand and respect the journeys of others without judgement or disgust.”

Dineo further said people should not have opinions on people’s lives, “May we all try have less opinions over the fingerprints of others as they are ALL uniquely designed. The tongue has proven to be the downfall of many a man.”

Khanyi has received criticism from others besides Dineo Ranaka. She was reprimanded by Muzi Zuma, who also shot at her skin tone.  “UBIZO & Depression/Anxiety are VERY Different! One you can’t heal Depression with vitamins, there’s proper medication for it. Two you can’t evade a spiritual calling with Glutathione or other bleaching mechanisms! Vele Ngeke usazi isintu usawumlungu In your head!” wrote Muzi Zuma

“Know the categories of influence that align with your brand and stick to them. Stick to skin dysmorphia and the risks of treating this, give people tips on Bling & Leaving men in Dubai and leave izinto ezithinta imisamu kuthina.” added Muzi Zuma.

“There are so many people with Church apparel, baningi abavathile kodwa niyathula lapho ngoba kukhonzwa iBhuku lesilungu, but niPhawula kuze kuphakame ushukela neBP over black people returning to their roots and aligning themselves Spiritually???” he added.

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