DJ Zinhle gets dragged for disrespecting Murdah Bongz on Father’s Day

On Father’s Day, DJ Zinhle is chastised for publishing images of her baby daddy, AKA after sharing photos of Murdah Bongz, her lover and father of her second child.

Some people anticipated her to post solely Murdah and not the rapper who is her ex-boyfriend, therefore the entrepreneur has been accused of insulting her beloved.


“We are not judging, just thought you’d be a little considerate towards your current partner. He didn’t post his baby mama on Mother’s Day out of respect for you, as his current partner it’s your duty to protect him from all the shame his now subjected to,” a tweep lamented.


“We are not judging, that man you used to call daddy doesn’t deserve your attention. You could have sent isms ke to his phone,remember he is not your dad but Kairos. Consider Bongs feelings,” another wrote.

“Eish Zee babes… I’m not saying one baby daddy is better than the other but for Bongz’sake you could have let Kairo lead the wishes to her dad… Your sentiments could have been felt by helping in organizing presents and all.”

Trolls were reminded by a fan that AKA also honored Zinhle on Mother’s Day.


Responding to critics and trolls, DJ Zinhle said, “May you remember your own advice when you face the same difficulties/situation that you judge others on…”

“DJ Zinhle and Kiernan are well matured individuals. They are mastering this co-parenting thing. I am sure even their respective partners are well supportive. Please don’t be angry at these two, be angry at your own parents for not teaching you that it’s possible. Don’t be bitter.”

“It’s 2022 already and these two are doing a wonderful job. They’ve moved on. Move it nawe!”

“Only a weak partner will be comfortable with this. The daughter should post her dad not Zinhle. It’s Father’s day, AKA is not Zinhle’s father”