Doctors Encourage COVID-19 Vaccine Injections in P3n1s For Men

COVID-19 Vaccine Injections

Amid a sea of fake news circulating on the internet regarding coronavirus, a picture post has gone viral which claims that COVID-19 vaccines prove more effective in men when they are injected through the penis. The post doing the rounds seems to be a CNN news article claiming that doctors are advocating injecting COVID-19 vaccines in the penis with the headline, “Doctors encourage COVID-19 vaccine injections in penis”

Pictures of the screenshot which are being widely shared on social media, shows an image of a doctor and a digital sketch depicting an injection in the penile area. The following can also be read on the screenshot, “Doctors are discovering that, for male patients, the penis offers the fastest release of the vaccine throughout the body. Based on findings from a University of California study involving 1,500 men who received the vaccine.”

A journalist named Vivek Bajpai also shared the image and wrote, “Did a doctor really say that the #COVID19 vaccine is best administered via the penis? Please tell us it isn’t true! ”

Is this claim true?

No, there is no need to panic because the claim isn’t true and bears no merit. The viral post has mischievously used the logo of CNN, a US-based media organisation, perhaps as a satire or to spread hoax. There are also clear differences between the format of a CNN article and the one shared in the viral posts, with the latter having no byline, dateline or placeline.

Also, even after a very thorough search, we couldn’t find the original CNN article, nor could we find any evidence of such a study being conducted by University of California.

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Alt News visited the website of the University of California and found that no such study has been published. Similarly, we could not find any evidence that CNN has published an article with the headline, “Doctors encourage covid-19 vaccine injections in penis”.

Further, we analysed the screenshot with CNN’s homepage and noticed the following differences:
1) The article in the viral screenshot has a full stop in the headline. None of CNN articles has a full stop in its headline.
2) The difference in alignment of the headline and report’s cutline (single sentence informing about the news).

COVID-19 Vaccine Injections

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