Don’t give your child these Names!, They have Demonic meaning

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Don’t give your child these Names!, They have Demonic meaning

Don’t give your child these Names!, They have Demonic meaning

When thinking of naming your little baby it’s important to give them a meaningful name that you will always be proud to call them with or never regret adding to their birth certificate.

There are a lot of names that parents give to there kids that they regret later in life when they discovered what that name means or when they see some horrible behavior from their child.

Here are a few names with demonic or very terrible meaning that you may want to reconsider giving to your child.

• Adrian

The name Adrian Means Dark and darkness is the absence of light.

You wouldn’t want your child to experience darkness and bad luck in her life.

• Cecilia

Cecilia means blindness in Latin.

So think about this carefully because your child might not necessarily be blind in eyesight but she may be blind in other aspects of life, our names have meaning and meaning gives is Life.


Mary means bitter and rebellious, alot of women named after this name truly live up to it, they are very bitter and always start war and don’t listen unlike the Mary from the Bible.

• Lucifer

Lucifer is know as the other name for Satan or the evil spirit. Your child will be mischievous and will always defy you.


Akuji is an African name that means dead and awake and this is the state of Demons and all evil spirits.

Your child will be untuly and very stubborn and crazy.


Claudia means lame or disabled so this name will make your daughter to be very lazy in every thing they do in life.


Emily means Rival and this means that they always pick fights and are always in competition, they are never at peace.


Kennedy means Deformed head so your child might be pig headed or stupid.


Portia is derived from a word for pig.


Alester is a common English name and it means tormentor o persecuter where your child is there will be no peace.

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