Drama as Makhadzi and event organizer fight

Drama as Makhadzi and event organizer fight

Drama as Makhadzi and event organizer fight
Drama as Makhadzi and event organizer fight

A verbal fight broke out between Makhadzi and an event organizer, Sammy Mashita. At the heart of their fight is a booking fee for Makhadzi.

She was booked to perform at an annual event, Marula Festival.

The event took place in Phalaborwa on Saturday, 9 April, and Master KG, King Monada and Makhadzi were the headliners of the event.

Makhadzi told the publication that she was not even informed about the event.

“I was supposed to be in the US at the Kids Choice Awards but I decided to cancel them for this event, mainly because it was a home event. Also, I’ve always performed at this event and I’d never experienced any issues. But this time around I was wrong and the event organizer, Sammy, did not even check my availability. He did not even seek permission to put my face on the poster. Out of love and respect for my fans and province, I did not question him about this,” said Makhadzi.

She said things started getting ugly when she arrived at the event.

“The service provider refused to pay the full amount. He was offering close to nothing compared to my quote. Eventually, he rudely told me to take it or leave it. I stood my ground and refused to be exploited by him. As a result, I posted on Facebook and informed my fans about my plight,” she explained.

On her Facebook page, she wrote: “To all my fans who bought tickets for the Marula Festival in Phalaborwa, it’s sad that I won’t perform. This is because of the service provider. He is refusing to give me my balance. I’m sorry to all my fans.”

Makhadzi’s Facebook post did not sit well with her fans, some of them threatened to pull out of the festival.

Eventually, Sammy and Makhadzi reached an agreement and she performed.

Last week, the publication reported that Limpopo artists won’t be performing for peanuts.

The publication contacted Sammy but he didn’t answer his phone. He also failed to respond to text messages sent to him.

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