Duduzane Zuma Million Dollar Walk That Had Ladies Weak In The Knees

Duduzane Zuma Million Dollar Walk That Had Ladies Weak In The Knees

Earlier 2020  35-year-old  Duduzane Zuma set Twitter ablaze with just a simple walk and the ladies couldn’t help but show him truck loads of LOVEEE!

Duduzane Zuma Million Dollar Walk That Broke The Internet

Ever since his walk got viral many women showered compliments on Duduzane Zuma on how handsome he is some even said they are ready to dump their boyfriends for Zuma and become his second wife.

However, men were not ready to be defeated by Zuma and they decided to start the #DuduzaneZumaChallenge in which they were imitating Zuma’s walk to show the ladies that they can also pull the million dollar walk.

He had taken it up a notch with a video of him and his friends getting into formation and walking to Big Zulu’s mega-hit Imali Eningi.


Who is Duduzane Zuma?

Duduzane Zuma is the son of former South African president, Jacob Zuma. The hunky businessman has always received a barrage of attention from various ends of society. The media has largely been curious about how Zuma Jnr accumulated his massive wealth, whilst the ladies have always had raging fantasies about him.

So walking is just something we all do, right? Well, it seems it’s not so mundane when Duduzane Zuma does it. With a few fist pumps, and a stride that oozes nothing but confidence, Duduzane has girls on Twitter quoting Jay Z: ‘He’s fine and his walk is mean.” The guys, on the other hand, don’t get the fuss.


How Does Duduzane Zuma’s Walk Look Like? Video

With a few fist pumps and a stride that oozes nothing but confidence, Duduzane has girls on Twitter quoting Jay-Z: ‘He’s fine and his walk is mean.’

Guys, on the other hand, don’t seem to get all the fuss. To prove that it is not such a big deal, they started the Duduzane Challenge.


In Mzansi Everything Turns Into A Challenge: #Duduzanechallenge #Duduzanezumachallenge

Twitter user Relebohile Mokoena said she couldn’t explain how Duduzane made her feel but it went beyond a little crush.

“There’s just something about this man that makes every man in SA look less attractive. I’m ready to be his side dish,” said Relebohile.

Nobuhle Ngwenya said men needed to calm down and start practicing Duduzane’s million-dollar walk.

“Love or hate him, Duduzane is definitely the man he thinks he is. Haters are having sleepless nights. You guys will die of heart attacks,” she said.

A Twitter user called Nikki said: “This guy is taking us to level five lockdown.”

Some are flopping at it while others are nailing it and even doing better than Zuma. However, one white man has taken the challenge to a whole new level as he decided to do the challenge with cheetahs resembling how Zuma walks with his bodyguards.



Celebrities Doing The Duduzane Zuma Million Dollar Walk

Celebs have joined and the latest celeb whose video is doing the rounds is American comedian Steve Harvey. It is pretty safe to say the challenge has gone viral.

Duduzane became the most famous and talked about men on social media after his million-dollar walk. Who would have ever thought that just by walking one can become an overnight celeb. Many men are envious and jealous of Duduzane for he has suddenly become the ladies’ man all thanks to his walk.

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