Emotional Video – Little Girl Prays for Sick Dad who needs Money for kidney Transplant

A video showing a little girl pray for her dad has gone viral on social media and everyone can’t stop sharing it.

The video was first shared by a Twitter user by the name DangBele and got numerous retweets and reactions.

In the video, the young girl is seen placing her hands on her dad’s head who was lying in the backseat of their car.

She is heard murmuring some words of which her mums reply to with an Amen. She goes on for quite some time as her mother records the moment.

AfroMambo has learnt that the girl was praying for her sick dad to get well after doctors told him he had to undergo a Kidney Transplant.

Although the girl is too young to understand the situation, she prayed for her father who according to our sources had no money for his Kidney transplant.

In case you haven’t watched the video watch it below


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