Enhle Mbali over the moon and here’s why

Enhle Mbali over the moon and here's why

Enhle Mbali over the moon and here’s why.

Enable Mbali Mlotshwa, a South African actor, is thrilled to be a part of the Blood Psalms on Showmax. She expressed her delight at the show’s coverage of the struggles that Africans over the years endured in order to obtain what was rightfully theirs in an interview with the journal.

Her performance in the musical, according to her, was a dream come true.


Enhle claimed that she had always desired to take on a difficult part so she could hone her acting abilities. The epic, action-packed African fantasy series Blood Psalms is based on the values and customs of black communities.

Umna, a warrior woman, will be portrayed by the 34-year-old actress.

Enhle from Soweto claimed that because she had to be an all-out fighter, this was the most difficult character she had ever played.


“Umna is a warrior woman draped in the pretext of what then was considered to be a circus and entertainers. But she serves a bigger goal for the order of the Golden Dawn,” Enhle said.

“There is potential to nurture any more actors in the country but also, room for more African talent overseas. I’m definitely considering my options internationally,” Enhle added.

“As an actress, I want to put more hard work and living grounded in my purpose. I pray every day that if only God can grant me my wishes and for that reason I would like to keep silent work and let Him work through me.”



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